Editorial: Good work deserves good word

Jul. 04, 2014 @ 11:29 PM

Mixing summer fun, education and our area’s long history with agriculture is quite easy. Summer activities for Area Christians Together in Service, the Boys & Girls Club and 4-H have come together on farms, producing valuable knowledge and a bit of excitement.

Our state and a large portion of our educational initiatives may be moving toward technology, but we can’t forget the basics. And anyone sitting down to a summer meal this time of year, with items fresh from the earth, can advocate the value of the many ways agriculture is an integral part of our world.

A generation or so ago, children often missed school days to finish up the activities at the farm. Many summer jobs were there. A field trip, in summer or during school, didn’t always include as much “new” information for participants.

Times have changed. Farms today might be less a part of our children’s lives in the hands-on sense, but there is always a big place for them in all of our lives.

• World Cup action for Team USA ended this week. The bandwagon for soccer fans was open and inviting, and many took advantage. Watch parties were the rage all across the country.

We hope the fever is another bonus boost to getting our youth active. We understand but often lament the fixation with video games and computers, or simply cellphones, where a brief exchange can turn into hours of inactive entertainment.

We urge parents and guardians to keep the youngsters active, be it soccer or any number of other activities.

• Across the country, July 1 was moving day for a number of universities from and into respective conferences. The ACC was among them, saying farewell to charter member Maryland and welcoming Louisville.

The Cardinals have profile from basketball and have surged in football. Perhaps obscured is an interesting advantage when they play at home, and it’s not on the gridiron within sight of the Churchill Downs spires.

At select volleyball matches, games begin with the men’s swimming and diving team in attendance wearing 26 articles of clothing. Games are to 25 points. For each point won by Louisville, the pool boys shed an article of clothing. Speedos, their competition uniform, are the final piece.

Home record last year: 11-0.