Letter: Deadbeat dads

Jun. 21, 2014 @ 11:50 PM

To the editor:

When I was a girl growing up I always felt very secure about my daddy. I looked up to him as the greatest. My daddy always made sure my three brothers and I had the things we needed. The families were together, parents didn’t separate and divorce like they do today.

Why is it when men today can just walk off and have the attitude I’m not going to pay child support? When these men go and don’t pay like they should, they don’t need to get so far behind like they do.

Social services carries them back to court, when they know they are going to pay something. They paid good for four or five weeks, and it’s same all over again. If these deadbeat dads were given some prison time, maybe they would shape up and do what they need to be doing. These children have to go lacking for a lot of things because of these deadbeat daddies. The child is the one that suffers, not the parents.

I can’t understand men who go for a year, maybe even longer, don’t care to see that child. That goes to show who cares and who doesn’t.

When these men are carried back to court, naturally it is the mama who gets the blame, and the mama has no control over this.

Deadbeat dads should step up to the plate and do their duties, and do the father role and show that child out there that they do care for them. They are setting a poor lifestyle for that child when they don’t. Do they always want to be known as deadbeat dads? Or worse?

Brenda Owens