Editorial: Good work deserves good word

Jun. 20, 2014 @ 10:45 PM

Back in October, the Henderson-Vance Parks and Recreation Commission “officially” took steps toward a master greenway plan. This week, those steps neared the finish line.

Pending the approval of both Henderson’s city council and Vance County’s commissioners, the comprehensive master plan will guide goals, policies and objectives within the city and the county. Not on the agenda when the Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments offered to help was the switch in majority responsibility from the city to the county.

Regardless, Kerr-Tar has followed through with assistance on yet another project. And our community is another step closer to showing evidence of looking to the future.

The journey has included public input, through verbal engagement and surveys, as well as empirical factual data. Even if elected officials should change, the plan remains and aids decision-making.

Larger grants will also be possible as a result of the plan. It would be expected to become a part of the city’s general fund capital improvement plan.

• Summer officially begins today, but we’re like many and consider it having started either when our local schools released for the summer or even Memorial Day.

Others might just say it was the first 90-degree day. That’s already here, too.

We’ve shared several opportunities for engagement with youth, including feeding programs. The summer shouldn’t be filled with times of restlessness by our younger population, or curiosity about where to find the next meal.

Should the chance to volunteer and aid these organizations arise, we hope the answer will be yes in some meaningful way.

• A scene in the Andy Griffith Show we’ve long enjoyed involves Wally, the gas station owner, telling Andy he could decipher what was wrong with a car just by the sound. That’s Hollywood, of course.

In real life New Mexico, Clifford Alderson has won our heart and admiration. He’s blind, born with retinitis pigmentosa, yet has graduated with an auto mechanics degree. An instructor confirmed he can take on brake jobs, shocks, water and power steering pumps, alternators and changing hoses.

Being told we can do anything we set our mind to isn’t just lip service or a good-sounding phrase. It really is true.