Letter: Can’t be controlled

May. 17, 2014 @ 11:07 PM

To the editor:

I believe there are global warming and climate changes.

For 84 years I have witnessed extremely warm temperatures and mild temperatures in the summer and very cold weather and mild weather in winters. It balances and very little weather changes on the average.

Now, however, we have Light Bulb Gore and other greedy politicians pitching this global warming/climate change for the purpose of self-serving to enrich themselves. The fact is, humans cannot control these changes.

They can scare populations with false information but to change climates by lowering carbon emissions is like buying swamp land acreages (for housing) in Florida. What these politicians who are nearing maturity age-wise is to improvise control (climate wise) of a very hot spot at all times (if they can) of their future home in the not too distant future.

They will find that the heat in this area is completely out of their control.

Hint: This area is just the opposite of heaven.

Bob Kingan