Letter: Friends can help friends

May. 17, 2014 @ 11:06 PM

To the editor:

This community has more resources than it realizes.

Very often there are people in the community who help parents in dealing with the school. Especially if there is a problem that made it necessary for you to meet with teachers or the principal, it is a good idea to bring someone with you to the meeting or hearing (tell the school in advance that you will be bringing the person).

At most meetings, there will be several school employees present, so it may help you feel more comfortable to not be alone.

Also, there will be someone to witness what happened in case there is a later dispute about what took place at the meeting. Especially if the person is an advocate who knows the school rules, they can offer suggestions at the meeting or point out if the school is not doing what it should.

Finally, having a third party often helps keep the meeting focused and productive.

Deryl von Williams