Editorial: Understanding with unconditional love always

May. 11, 2013 @ 09:47 PM

They are as refreshing as the sun bathing us in warmth against the backdrop of a cold winter day.

They can be as stern as a drill sergeant, tasking us with chores and issuing reprimands for following instructions.

The can be as knowledgeable as anyone we’ve ever met, having the right answer, the right suggestion, no matter the circumstance.

They can be as comforting as anything we’ve clutched in our many years, even teddy bears included.

They are often the best we know on this earth. Equally, there are some who may never know these joys of life.

Today is Mother’s Day, and we’re hopeful that across the Tri-County the love is inescapable.

Since the dawn of time, mothers have provided unconditional love to children. The things we cannot comprehend, they have explained them. The things we cannot explain, they have understood.

Mothers are unique for many reasons. Even when the voices rise and the emotions are somewhat “unmotherly,” the moment is teachable and the lessons seldom forgotten.

Who among us hasn’t told the story of when our mothers were “maddest” at us for something for which we’d rather not be known? And we chuckle and laugh later, us with her, and her with us.

We learn and we appreciate and we know that without our mothers, our lives would be so different.

Mothers can kiss away the “boo-boos” of life no matter if we’re 2 or 42. They are a blessing, one of a kind, and in no way replaceable.

We should be thanking them today, and more days during the year. We should be apologetic, for giving them the roller coaster of life through our journeys to becoming responsible.

But most of all, we should be celebrating our mothers. If today is the only time, do the little extra, make her feel special. And if she is no longer here, we hope a moment is taken to thank God above for having been with her, and to recall her memory with a smile on our face, and warmness in our heart.

Happy Mother’s Day.