Letter: City leaders faulted

May. 04, 2013 @ 02:45 PM

To the editor:

As a member of the Henderson-Vance Recreation and Parks Commission, I must comment on a recent story (“Current law will handle request,” April 24) regarding “vandalism and disturbances” at Chestnut Street Park in Henderson, what I would call a “pseudo park.”

Looking for a more tranquil, relaxing, friendly way of living out my retirement years, I often visit parks to picnic, boat, fish or to play tennis.

I’ve lived in Maryland, and enjoyed Clinton Regional Park. I’ve lived in Baltimore, Md., and enjoyed boating at Druid Hill Park. In West Virginia there were swings for kids and tennis courts for me. In Washington, D.C., I played baseball at Rock Creek Park and on the West Coast I played tennis, shot archery, observed Frisbee golf and rode my bike inside the velodrome in San Diego’s Balboa Park.

Calling a cleared area a park, or a road a street, does not makes it so. There are certain parameters and requirements for each as defined in Webster’s.

The problem of vandalism and disturbance in your story at the mentioned church stems from a lack of water and rest facilities at the “park” and the public’s use at the church during hours of services. This is not the Turrentines’ problem, this is the city’s problem.

All of the parks I’ve mentioned above have water fountains, restrooms and have posted the times when use is available.

When so-called parks are put in place without the necessary accoutrements of water fountains, restrooms or benches to appease a political demand without thought of its consequences; and roads are converted to streets by simply putting up a sign, and calling it a street, but without sidewalks, there will always be conflict, and the responsibility must fall upon the civic leaders.

Daniel A. Young Sr.