Editorial: Excellent ideas deserve recognition

May. 03, 2013 @ 06:03 PM

Jerry Ayscue, in his role as county manager, has seen plenty, solved plenty and probably wished for plenty not to have come his way.

He welcomes it, though, because that’s what county managers sign up for and do. And when necessary, he turns to others.

His idea for the problem of blight in the extra-territorial jurisdiction may seem a bit too simple, but hopefully the message has been heard and circulated. Ayscue said a meeting involving city and county leaders, the community and law enforcement would be a good start to solving issues.

Currently, government entities seem to have hands tied by rules and regulations caused by the overlap of city and county. Sorting through how the steps would play out from what exists, to getting it cleaned, would be a logical move. Then can come the details of funding and executing plans.

Perhaps there is not an overnight solution, but currently, there’s no solution at all. And that’s not satisfactory.

• First times may be the most difficult, but once they’re past, there is no limit.

We’re offering congratulations today to all the people who made the inaugural Tour de Vance a success last Saturday morning.

Bathed in sunshine and pedaling in comfortable temperatures, the leisure rides were welcomed by bikers. Competitive cycling events are great. But like some of the 5K races for joggers, runners and walkers, not everyone wants to compete and some just like to participate.

Best of all, a worthy cause — the United Way — captured the proceeds.

• Brian Alligood’s decision to leave Granville County and head for the comforts of home is encouraging.

We selfishly hate to see him go. In his exit, he is being hailed as a good manager and a positive influence for a county quickly gaining residents from the Triangle and Wake County.

But the lure of family is refreshing, and we offer praise to him for honoring that strong bond. His mother and father are in the Washington area where he’ll serve as the town manager, and he has ties to eastern North Carolina.

True to being a good worker, he’s awaiting the new county budget’s adoption this summer before taking off. We wish him well.