Letter: Vance County fix: parents

Aug. 31, 2013 @ 08:29 PM

To the editor:

The one change that will fix, correct and improve Vance County is better parenting. When mothers and fathers work together raising their children, it is the start of creating a future “productive citizen” in our town.

When parents put the words discipline and chores back in our daily lives, we’ll begin having our kids respect others.

When parents spend quality time with kids, they will educate their kids about life. When parents don’t spend that precious time with the kids, they are influenced by the nonsense on television and brainwashed on the negative message in music.

When that happens, the kids are more distracted in school, causing a teacher to do more babysitting than educating.

Unfortunately, that leads the police and sheriff to be overworked. And the worst case, the Department of Corrections will baby-sit that child for X number of years.

All children are smart enough to receive and excel from the school system of Vance County. We parents have to encourage our kids they can do it.

Arnold Frank Booth Jr.