Letter: Volunteers make a difference

Jul. 12, 2014 @ 11:17 PM

To the editor:

The Vance County Boys & Girls Club located on Clark Street is supported by volunteer efforts of the Vance County Boys & Girls Club Advisory Council. This council is advisory to the corporate board of the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central North Carolina (BGCNCNC). In addition to conducting community education, advocacy and fundraising activities, the council members engage in special events provided to youth participating in the Clark Street Boys & Girls Club programs.

I would like to thank publicly the members of the advisory council and the additional volunteers to the council for their excellent support of club operations during the 2013-2014 year. In addition to personal contributions to BGCNCNC, these volunteers provided approximately $1,000 in funds and supplies and over 500 hours of volunteer time to planning and providing club activities with the club youth, parents and staff for holiday events throughout the year and for the end of the year bash.

These volunteers provide support to benefit the Vance County Boys & Girls Club members who increase their education, family and life skills by participating in the club programs. The measurable result of youth participation in Boys & Girls Clubs is increased school, home and community success.

The advisory council members and supporting volunteers include Ardis and Henry Crews, Geri and Ken Floyd, Frances Turner, Phil and Elaine Chavis Young, Gail Washington, Greg Kelly, Elnora O’Hara, Nathaniel Miller, Richard Vaughan, Ken Long, Sylvia Edwards, Bobby Scott, Leslie Baskerville, Derrick Hanks, Leo Suitt, Angela Feingold, Dicky Whitten, George Mitchell and Len Bullock.

Susan T. Whitten