Editorial: Registering is our first movement

Apr. 01, 2014 @ 10:56 PM

When our voices are silent, we are most vulnerable.

We must take advantage of the avenues afforded us. And with more than a week left, there is still time.

From our front doorstep to any boundary, decisions are going to be made and we will be affected. It matters because whether we are directly linked or not, the quality of life for each of us is at stake.

For example:

Vance County is in the midst of running water lines border to border. Public schools have been rattled, from behavior problems of a few to graduation rates of many. Sides have been taken in a battle for taxpayer money in education.

Criminal activity worries everyone. We can have a say in who puts people behind bars, who prosecutes and who presides at trial.

Our great state has difficulties, but they are manageable with the right people in place. Polluted waterways and potential energy sources are just a smidgen of the decisions ahead. Two embattled secretaries are in the governor’s Cabinet. Educators are frustrated. Marches in Raleigh have become commonplace.

We determine if Washington has upheaval. They might be called midterm elections, but for many politicians the final exam has already been marked. They’ll spend millions on voters anyway.

Feeling important yet? We should.

All of the above may be actions and decisions related to the elected, but they get into office only if we say so. Every vote matters.

Think it doesn’t? Better get the calculator out and see what kind of voter turnout determines Tri-County elections. Lately, the percentages have brought favor to anyone capable of creating a nucleus of voters.

Yes, it matters. And the first step is getting signed up to vote.

Monday’s registration deadline for the Affordable Care Act reminded us last-minute plans often go awry. We shouldn’t wait when it comes to something important. And same-day voter registration is gone.

Get goose bumps when the television shows our armed forces returning to their families in surprise situations? Like at their kids’ school? Or at a ballgame? We hope so.

Now think about why that uniform left our shore.

Registration deadline for the May 6 primary is a week from Friday on April 11. Make your voice heard.