Letter: Board member’s motivation questioned

Mar. 29, 2014 @ 11:22 PM

To the editor:

Truth or politics? What motivated Pat Cox’s comments and motion during the March Granville County school board meeting? If there was illegal activity at the annual meeting of all North Carolina school boards in Greensboro, why did he wait four months to bring it to anyone’s attention?

Unlike Mr. Cox, I was present at the board meeting when the motion was made to conduct an independent audit focused on policies, procedures and payment of compensation in Granville County Schools. Brenda Dickerson-Daniel did introduce the motion; however, it was evident that more than a simple majority of the board had serious concerns with a vote of 5-1 in favor.

Cox should immediately provide proof of any illegal meeting(s). Absent such, he has a moral obligation to:

• Publicly apologize to the entire board for what appears to be tawdry politics and potential slander.

• Publicly apologize to Dickerson-Daniel for the personal attack and what appears to be sordid politics at its worst.

• Publicly apologize to Peace for connecting him to the vitriol contained in his motion.

• Explain his alarmist verbiage regarding an independent forensic audit designed to ensure that administrative salaries are derived legally and are fair, equitable and aligned with budget constraints during extremely difficult financial times.

Everyone in Granville County should applaud the courage and candor of the five School Board members that are trying to ascertain that sound fiscal policies are in place and tax dollars are spent responsibly. I hope that Granville County citizens will personally thank each of these board members for their efforts to be open and honest with their duties to the school system and for their willingness to withstand any election year political ramifications such an audit might bring.

Jan Logan Lee