Editorial: Interesting news, but still no arrest

Jan. 11, 2013 @ 04:29 PM

We’re still concerned a killer is on the loose.

Information released this week by police in Chapel Hill had a curious timing. Essentially, there was no other news surrounding the death of Faith Hedgepeth, no inclination an arrest was coming, and no timing other than it has been four months.

Crime lab work indicates police are searching for a male suspect who knew Hedgepeth, was unaccounted for in the hours before Hedgepeth was killed, and who may have changed behavior since her death.

It sounds as though police have someone in mind but are trying to solidify the case for prosecutors before making an arrest. Our hope remains for justice to be served, and the first step in the process is an arrest.

• Count us among the anxious to see what Vice President Joe Biden comes up with for President Barack Obama by Tuesday.

Biden is scheduled to give the president recommendations for remedies on gun violence. He’s already met with the NRA, the entertainment industry and the video game industry.

Credit to Biden is extended on meeting with three central figures in the debate. Agreeing with many, we believe mental health is central to the equation as well and we’re anxious to see how government implements that component in the solution.

Making laws that tick off gun owners is one thing; dealing with sick people is another. And the reality is a solution that works must include both.

• When it comes to cheating, what really matters? Cheating or how much cheating?

And when there is a Hall of Fame, is the place for the museum-like quality that includes all history, or is it for accomplishment only? And what of clauses about integrity? Is that competitive integrity on the field or personal integrity including what players do off the field?

Baseball writers with votes to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., are handling such questions dealing with players now on the ballot who played in the steroid era. Debate has surged on the questions above and with no clear answers, other than opinions and generalities established through past selections.

Nobody was elected in this year, a rarity but not unprecedented. Given who becomes eligible next year, it’s likely a one-year aberration.