Editorial: Offering of thanks to officers

May. 12, 2014 @ 11:42 PM

When it comes to crime in Henderson and Vance County, policemen and sheriff’s deputies are in the spotlight and will accurately remind it takes all of us to keep our community safe.

The Henderson Police Department is one of nearly 440 across the state, and our sheriff’s office is one of 100. This week, they are honored along with every other branch of law enforcement through Law Enforcement Officers Week.

The members of these agencies go on the line everyday, not knowing what they will encounter. They do so to keep us safe, realizing their life may ultimately be the price.

The number of police departments includes not only cities, but airports, the state capitol, college campuses and hospitals. In addition, the N.C. Highway Patrol has 2,000 troopers protecting motorists on more than 78,000 miles of highways.

The Alcohol Law Enforcement team, the State Bureau of Investigation and the State Fire Marshals’ Office are other prominently seen agencies.

Law enforcement officers have four areas we see them at work in most. They work with crime in means of prevention, detection and investigation. They also are charged with protecting motorists.

They’re not perfect, and they’re not everywhere at every moment. They’re easily targeted for criticism, and most often after the fact or by those with nothing more than an ax to grind.

Our justice system is the best on the planet. But with that, law enforcement has to work that much more diligently to insure cases don’t fall apart in the hands of prosecutors. And often, we are their worst enemy and in essence, accomplices, when we don’t come forward and tell what we know to help investigations.

We struggle to understand why the masses don’t get it, that we can rid our community of the bad elements if we’ll work with those who serve and protect us.

We’re proud of all our public agencies, and we respect their efforts in good times and bad.

On this day, throughout this week and each day throughout the year, we humbly offer, “Thanks.”