Editorial: Rewarding leadership of Burgess

May. 03, 2014 @ 11:27 PM

Later this month, the day will arrive — be it a Wednesday or a Saturday — when the Vance County Regional Farmers Market will be open.

Pete Burgess’ smile on that day will be the grandest — and with good reason. He was the driving force behind the development of a permanent home for the market and the creation of another multi-use facility for the region.

We’ve had the farmers market for some time. It has operated most recently from the City Operations Center on Beckford Drive on Saturdays and from the parking lot of the Henderson Family YMCA on Wednesdays.

Both locations served a purpose. It is also fair to say we were only served so much. Vendors on many days were scarce. So were shoppers. Each fed the other.

Gaining a facility is a huge step forward. There is a significant difference between selling and buying in a building with room to walk around and shop, and to be trying to dodge the weather elements — be it rain, hot sun or cold air.

The market now has a home. And it is quite functional for the farmers and for many other hosts.

As Burgess told an open house crowd last month, “It’s yours, and we want you to use it.”

Vance County got a major boost with the completion of the civic center at Vance-Granville Community College. It’ll have another on Breckenridge Commons with McGregor Hall.

We may not have everything we need in Vance County, but we’re gaining in many areas all the time. The market facility is just the latest.

But there’s more inside this story.

Our people have made it happen each time. Someone had a vision, many contributed time and effort to the project, and in return we all can reap the benefits.

When our community comes together with resources and strength, flaws and weaknesses can fall by the wayside. And sometimes they fall with ease.

It takes leadership, but it also takes cooperation.

Burgess was an outstanding leader on this project. His praise is earned and well deserved. Cooperation from many, including the elected and philanthropic, sealed its success.

It is an outline we can repeat. The best is yet to come.