Letter: Commissioners were missing

May. 03, 2014 @ 11:24 PM

To the editor:

On April 24, about a hundred people packed a meeting room at Perry Memorial Library in Henderson to get information on the impact of the coal ash spill on Kerr Lake.

With the possible disastrous effect of toxic waste in the lake on Vance County, I was shocked that not a single Vance County commissioner attended the meeting. This is reminiscent of the county’s reaction to the discovery of hydrilla in the lake a couple of years ago. There was none.

Kerr Lake means a lot to property owners here on the water. That is why most of us came to Vance County.

Apparently it does not mean much to our commissioners. They seem to be more interested in wining and dining the governor and celebrating the takeover and politicization of the N.C. Rural Center by one of their own. We got no input and no help with the hydrilla problem and I guess we can also clean up the toxic waste.

I am pleased that state Rep. Nathan Baskerville has picked up the ball in this matter and has pledged to find out the extent of ash pollution in the lake and help bring about the appropriate cleanup.

John Soles