Editorial: Guidance, protection are in prayer

Apr. 30, 2014 @ 11:04 PM

We have long turned to our intimate relationship with God, stopping to pray whenever facing crisis. And more than most have also turned to prayer as a means of humility, offering thanks for the blessings in life.

Having the opportunity to express prayers, whether publicly or privately, is a wonderful freedom granted to us by the Founding Fathers of our country.

It is not a freedom to take lightly.

We’ve long sought this special time as a personal experience to help us when we need guidance. Often, we’ve needed prayer to assure us as a protection.

There is great strength in prayer.

And there is great strength in numbers.

When the pilgrims faced their first winter in a new land, they did not hesitate to pray.

When the Founding Fathers were forming this great nation, they called for prayer. They understood the blessing of a nation with freedoms.

And they believed protection could be assured through prayer.

Since then, presidents of our country have made numerous national calls to prayer.

As our troops approached the beaches at Normandy for what would become a world-changing event, President Franklin Roosevelt called us to unite in prayer. He prayed for the future. June 6, 1944, became known as D-Day, and 18 months later World War II was over, one of the world’s greatest evils vanquished, and our prayerful nation was recognized for its power.

In 1952, President Harry S. Truman signed a joint resolution by Congress to declare an annual day of prayer.

And in 1988, President Ronald Reagan established the first Thursday of every May as the permanent National Day of Prayer.

We encourage you to find a place to join in Vance County’s activities today, to be there in great numbers, and we offer the words from 1808 of Thomas Jefferson: “Fasting and prayer are religious exercises; the enjoining them an act of discipline. Every religious society has a right to determine for itself the time for these exercises, and the objects proper for them, according to their own particular tenets; and right can never be safer than in their hands, where the Constitution has deposited it.”