Editorial: Reminder of our best offerings

Mar. 01, 2014 @ 11:00 PM

Charlie Rose reminded us Thursday that Henderson has far more to offer than the tangibles we often fall victim in wanting to tout.

Receiving an honor he called the highest of his lifetime, he engaged what was more conversation than speech with a room of fellow journalists. He reminded us of our importance in finding the truth and sharing it with our audience. He chatted with any and everyone, and he smiled for photo after cellphone photo.

He was gracious, with impeccable gentleness and Southern charm as is so often described. There’s a reason he gets interviews others cannot.

He told us hometowns are important. His emotion while watching a video tribute of his lifetime, from Henderson to exchanges with the world’s most famous, was genuine. So, too, is everything about Charlie Rose.

He loves Henderson and never forgets our place in his life. It is not so much the location as it is the people that make up his hometown. It is where he learned the art of conversation; of being able to present himself, especially as a youth among adults; and where his earliest inquisitiveness manifested.

He recalled a story with which so many can relate. As a young boy, he used to see a train coming through, and as he watched it continue away, he wondered when he might get on it and where it might take him.

The 72-year-old has had a heck of a ride. He is most deserving of North Carolinian of the Year, represents the highest qualities of the honor and was an immensely popular selection across many spectrums.

In the brief time he spoke, we saw a better image of the big picture no matter what our zip code.

We often are wrapped up in our economics, our education system, our infrastructure, our downtowns and so many other elements of community life. They are important. But we should never forget our best asset is none of those.

It is our people.

While the tangible elements influence us, we do not have to let them define us.

Our community has far more to offer than a downtown or an industrial park or a signature recreational lake. And with more value.

We have great people, with much to offer and capable of wonderful accomplishments.