Letter: Wake up, Jim Boeheim

Mar. 01, 2014 @ 10:57 PM

To the editor:

In The Dispatch sports section (“Swofford: Ref made ‘judgment call’ in SU-Duke,” Feb. 25), ACC commissioner John Swofford clarifies one thing in his quote on the Syracuse-Duke game and Coach Jim Boeheim’s ejection.

Old coach Jim better used to being in Coach K’s domain. He owns the refs in the ACC. Doesn’t Coach Boeheim know that the Duke flop in the paint always gets a charging call on the opposition? A live fish market has less “flopping” than Duke teams.

Sorry, Coach Boeheim and the other new ACC teams. You will never get the flop calls. A technical awaits any coach questioning that method of defense.

See ’ya around, Jim. Wise up.

Al Slaughter