Our time is what we make of it

Mar. 28, 2013 @ 05:24 PM

Maybe it’s because taxes are coming due in about two weeks. Could be the lingering chill.

But there is no surprise, early in the calendar year, sometimes only one, often two or three months in, all the resolve to exercise and eat better is steadily slipping away from us. In some cases, they’re long gone.

Spring is here, the pollen should be uniting our car colors soon and this weekend many will get a little extra time off. What are we doing with it? We encourage you on this Good Friday to make a good start, or a continued commitment, to improving the health of the Tri-County.

We’d offer the most simplistic and encouraging words we know up front: be realistic.

We shouldn’t try boot camp style exercising if a flight of stairs winds us. Maybe walking is a pace too slow, but whatever the routine, find something that fits.

This time of year, inside and outside exercising are options.

Daylight is increasing until the summer solstice in June. Take advantage in the mornings or afternoon. Plenty of open spaces, or even city sidewalks, are available for walking, jogging and getting out into the freshening air.

We’ll even spill a secret. One of the most awesome times of day is darkness turning into daylight, things not usually heard piercing the stillness around us, the awakening birds putting life into the dawning.

Healthy also means what we’re taking in as well. The largest portions from generous restaurants often make good leftovers when we carry them home.

Again, realistic is the key to long-lasting positive change. Going “cold turkey” on our favorite weakness can work but doesn’t necessarily have to be the answer.

Portions and frequency are integral, knowing the right balance. And if we’re mixing improvements in both exercise and eating habits, perhaps there’ll be room for a little reward.

There’s never a bad time to improve our health. And there’s no reason to feel guilt for having fallen short of a good pattern earlier in the year that has dissipated.

Every day is new, and what we make of it is truly up to us.