Letter: Requiring ID to vote common sense

Mar. 23, 2013 @ 01:29 PM

To the Editor:

Voting is a citizen’s right, privilege and responsibility. Registering and voting proves a person’s interest and ownership in his or her county.

Even accusations of fraudulent voting undermine voter confidence in the system as a whole.

There are approximately 7 million people in North Carolina who should be able to vote with confidence.

Providing folks with a free photo ID would not be difficult. We already have the facilities, equipment and most of the personnel in place at our DMV offices statewide.

Birth certificates or immigration records or verifiable Social Security numbers are available to legal citizens of the U.S. These should be the only forms of acceptable identification.
If transportation to the DMV were needed, public transportation or a call to the political party of their choice would solve that problem.

Our concern is not so much for the helpful of potential voters without a photo ID as it is concern for the millions of North Carolina legal citizens who need to know that their vote is going to be cancelled out by someone who should not be voting.

It is simple. It’s not expensive and last but not least, it’s common sense.

Donald Kohl

The letter-writer is chairman of the Vance County Republican Party.