Editorial: Reasonable measures that help

Mar. 22, 2013 @ 04:15 PM

Leaders from law enforcement, the community’s Crime Stoppers organization and the fire department earned positive marks this week with another session of Church Watch.

Churches have long been thought of as safe havens, particularly as places of warmth, somewhere to go when many other things around us are breaking down. But as we’ve seen too often, and not just recently but going back decades, criminals and bad elements know no bounds.

They are everywhere, and sometimes, they enter the church building. Even on a Sunday morning during worship hours.

The event this past Thursday gave the three dozen or so who came a chance to ask questions, to learn from those who have dealt with past experiences, and to take something back that can be positive. There were no scare tactics, just solid information and reasonable thinking.

Criminals are not always as reasonable, but we can do our best to overcome them by being just a little smarter, by being vigilant and by using common sense. Keeping our head out of the sand and recognizing targets is one of the first steps.

• Lawmakers are making their way to the area with breaks in Raleigh and Washington coming for Easter.

Sen. Richard Burr tours Semprius Monday; U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield visits Kittrell Job Corps Center Thursday; and U.S. Rep. George Holding is at Henderson Country Club on Thursday.

State Rep. Nathan Baskerville and state Sen. Angela Bryant are in Henderson at Shiloh Baptist Church on April for a “community update” and in Warren County April 8 for a “Grassroots Community Meeting.”

It’ll be an opportunity for ears to be warmed about our area, the positives as well as the needs.

• For those who break speeding laws and are subsequently miffed they got caught, beware of the change on Interstate 85. It’s heavily traveled, and within the past couple of weeks got a change in Granville County.

The limit there is 70 mph. But at each end of the county on I-85, it is back down to 65.

To be fair, it’s only a “speed trap” for law-breakers.