Editorial: Voter ID, health care and easiness

Mar. 15, 2013 @ 01:07 PM

There’s a movement afoot to make voting easier, with shorter lines and no requirements for identification at the polling booth. There’s also a cry for help to those without medical insurance. There is happiness about the Affordable Care Act.

Then along comes word the IRS will be among those detailing scrutiny of applications for health care benefits. Identities will be checked, as well as income and citizenship. In short, it could be difficult, time-consuming and we’ll have to prove who we are.

How ironic.

Since the law requires coverage, there’s no giving up either if overwhelmed by insurance words some of us have never heard spoken.

Our guess? More jobs will be created. Translation: bigger government.

• Throughout the week, we’ve brought you the sunshine. As in Sunshine Week.

It doesn’t go away, even though the designated week comes to an end today. In an unprecedented move, The Dispatch not only led off Sunday with a column and cartoon about the importance of the public’s right to know when it comes to records and meetings, we carried on throughout the week replacing regular columnists with commentaries and utilizing cartoons on the subject.

Two more commentaries and a cartoon appear today. Sunday, we return to our regular lineup of syndicated and local contributions.

• And speaking of sunshine on government, Henderson’s City Council was in the beaming rays this week with uncollected taxes. The take was about $20,000, ranging from just over a buck to one bill of more than $1,500. The second-highest was just over $500.

All had crossed the 10-year threshold. Begging the question, should one let taxes go for 10 years and know they won’t need to be paid?

Heavens, no! And anyone thinking of such is a detriment to our community. (Granted, we know some will.)

Not paying taxes is a crime. But worse, it shows a callus lack of disrespect for the community we live in. Whether through incremental payment plans, community service work, or some other yet to be thought of way, we can all do our part to help the infrastructure of the community.

Remember, that’s what we do with taxes. We keep the place running. Our place.