Letter: Help stop the violence

Dec. 25, 2012 @ 07:13 PM

To the Editor:

To update our community on gun violence, we have been surrounded by violence of guns. Kittrell had two brothers who shot their father. There was Townsville and Williamsboro, where family violence occurred, and several cases in Henderson where friends shot friends.

Be aware of mentally disturbed people and notify properly trained people. One ounce of prevention could protect a lot of people from being destroyed.

I was involved at a school in Newark, N.J., where a “most wanted” criminal had a child at the school. The FBI took charge of the incident. No one was injured or hurt.

Please notify proper authorities if someone in your community is acting strange or beyond cause. Notify the police.

Recently, I witnessed L.B. Yancey School going through a good fire drill. This school is getting prepared.

All of us need to be prepared.

Elijah Nicholson