Letter: Opportunity to correct course

Sep. 21, 2013 @ 03:25 PM

To the editor:

The City Council election on Oct. 8 will be an unprecedented opportunity to correct course after too many years of steady decline in the quality and affordability of the city’s rental housing. The current deplorable condition of our housing can only turn away prospective businesses looking to relocate to our community, and the excessive rental rates and high operating costs of our inner city housing is forcing many to resort to crime just to survive. We are at a crossroads and this is a key part of the solution.

The choice is a simple one: re-elect a councilman who represents the handful of influential rental owners who are squeezing the poor for every dime they can get, without regard to the impact on the economy and crime, and who fight against all efforts to require inspections and raise minimum housing standards, or, elect new and honorable leadership. Elect Arnold Booth. Mr. Booth will give himself fully, not for personal gain and profits, but for the welfare of all people and races. It is not a black versus white issue. This is about compassion and justice.

This is the same justice that Jesus spoke to and used to convict the leadership of His day. This is the same justice that our local churches should be shouting for from the rooftops. Where are you church? Sound the alarm and run to the battle, the people need you.

Elect Arnold Booth, a righteous man, to the City Council.

Gary Morgan