Editorial: Retirement from job well done

Jul. 25, 2014 @ 11:15 PM

References to the “top cop” usually mean an award winner or the chief of police.

We choose to call Lt. Irvin Robinson one of Henderson’s finest ever in a uniform that serves and protects us. He’s got plenty of awards, too. Now comes a reward.

Robinson has announced his retirement, effective this coming week.

But, as would be guessed, he won’t really be going anywhere too far. He’s going to be assisting as a reserve and working with community policing efforts.

Robinson has been with the department more than 35 years, currently the longest serving on the force.

We suspect he’s got the longest active consecutive appearances string in the city’s annual Christmas parade, always tailing behind Santa Claus. The parade isn’t over until Robinson passes by.

And the Henderson Police Department wouldn’t be the same without him.

Congratulations on the “semi” retirement, and thanks for a job well done.

• Given proximity, job news in Oxford is job news in Henderson and Vance County. Ideal Fastener Corporation will be creating 155 new jobs in Oxford by the end of 2019.

While that may seem a ways away, keep in mind the company decided against options in China, Indonesia and India. It currently employs more than 200 in Oxford.

Average salaries will be more than $35,000. Grants and incentives played a key role in the decision, along with — among others — Rep. Nathan Baskerville, Vance-Granville Community College, the state Department of Commerce, Granville County, and the Economic Development Commission in the county.

• The N.C. House of Representatives got it wrong on Thursday, saying no to a requirement for moped riders to carry insurance.

Being required to have insurance is in place for other drivers of motorized vehicles, including motorcycles. Most of the mopeds today are lower horsepower versions of the larger bikes — no pedals that engage into power.

The House got it partly right when requiring registration of mopeds, but the Senate’s addition of the insurance provision killed it. It is now in a conference committee.

Registration and insurance requirements should be the law, along with a requirement to have enough horsepower to operate within 5 mph of the speed limit. Seeing these two-wheelers on major highways and thoroughfares is frightful for everyone.