Editorial: Precious gift of life valuable

Jul. 24, 2014 @ 05:40 PM

We can’t continue in complacency. Taking things for granted is a sure recipe for bad situations.

Our lifestyle is regularly being manipulated to be conducive to efficiency. It is more than going to the microwave and waiting impatiently.

From the actions of our governments on the local, state and federal levels to just about any fraction of activity in our life, we are helped by a way that is easier. Sometimes, it is better. Others, it is not.

Hopefully, we get to make the choice.

Whether we decide to text or check a cellphone while doing 65 mph on a multi-lane highway is up to us. Having access to everyone by calling homes wasn’t enough, of course; now we carry and respond to the phone with us anywhere, even in the restroom.

Our choice is to do the proper research so we know about impending weather. Sometimes, we can’t know the variables and forecasts don’t yield accuracy. Then there is a choice of how we gain safety and protect ourselves and our families.

We can use our knowledge to know about places that are safe and others for which we are not sure. Then we can choose our route, our destination. We take for granted we’ll be safe in most places; but we’re never certain, whether in broad daylight or a location we’ve visited scores of times before.

We go through times of illness, some more serious than others. But even the common cold has its dangers if we don’t completely heal. An infection leftover can easily find our spine and leave us with paralysis. We might feel we’re just about well and make a choice in activity, but we shouldn’t make it taking our health or recovery for granted.

Our relationships, no matter how intimate or casual, should never be taken for granted. Friends never number too many. Don’t lose them. Effort must be made if we are to keep them, or other kinds of relationships, and enhance them with meaningful interaction.

The tragedy on Thursday morning at a campground in Virginia is a solemn reminder to each of us about the precious gift of life. Things can change instantly, anywhere and anytime.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.