Editorial: Downtown question to answer

Jul. 21, 2014 @ 11:37 PM

Reading between the lines isn’t even necessary. The plight of two popular downtown Henderson attractions is headed south, and that doesn’t mean from the clock tower toward the post office.

Each fall, Garnett Street comes alive with little ones adorned in all types of costumes. They’ve got parents in tow, eager to please them, on the evening that is all about goodies and goblins.

Only, it really is about attracting the older set into an area where they might see and buy a little something. After all, Christmas is coming.

And just weeks before St. Nick rides high in the sky, there’s a parade down Garnett. Santa, a band or three, and a large number of little ones with parents in tow bring excitement. Stores might not be open, but maybe they should. Regardless, ideas are possible passing by the stores.

Is it imperative Henderson has either event? Of course not. But would it be in our best interest to continue them? Absolutely.

The Downtown Development Commission’s board of directors is asking for help after losing a city staffer. The notion the events are not canceled but that the DDC is just not doing them is misleading.

They are canceled until further notice that another entity has stepped up and taken them over because that board is afraid to fail and asserts its time is limited for such an endeavor.

It wishes to help but no longer lead.

And that would bring us back to the original question — it is imperative? Or put another way, does the return on investment justify the time and effort?

Books of business owners can answer those questions. But surely, we don’t wish to be known for our plywood industry — a community boarding up closed businesses.

If the answer is yes, civic clubs might have weakened in number and most volunteer hours go to fundraising. Just one leading would be challenging, but perhaps one individual from each forming a consortium is a possibility.

Or, the lead spot could be a short-term, contracted and paid worker.

Point being, there are alternatives.

If the effort isn’t worth it, don’t fret over the loss. Tell us the other endeavors that are helping downtown and how we can pitch in — preferably free of plywood.