Right fit for judges and students

Jan. 10, 2014 @ 11:44 PM

Sometimes, the match is just right.

Vance County Schools have sent principal after principal into competition for the region’s best. They compete against large school systems in Wake, Johnston and Durham counties. It also goes as far east as Wilson.

Larry Webb was in the right place. His infectious personality was award-winning with those judging the competition. The Eaton-Johnson Middle School principal learned this week he had been named the region’s finest, and he will now compete for the state honor.

Regardless of winning, including in this last regional round, parents and students at Eaton-Johnson know who Webb is anyway. They see his caring nature, his genuine approach and the results from those actions.

Webb got a well-deserved award. But we’re confident the big winners everyday are the students at Eaton-Johnson. And that’s just how Webb would like it.

• We wonder just how far the unemployment rate in Vance County will need to dwindle until we can feel the effect.

So far, we have hardly a quiver among us.

Granted, we’re hopeful the signs are positive and changing to the good. But unemployment went below double figures in numbers announced this week for November and nobody’s thought process of the desperation for jobs has changed.

We’ve not had a big employer come in, some businesses have closed and a few new ones have opened, but overall there’s not been a tide-turner that we can see. Suspicion lies within people leaving the work force, but even still, we’ve gone from 14 percent unemployed to 9.6 percent unemployed in a span of 22 months.

Is it possible we’ll still feel the same if we’re at 5.2 percent unemployment for November 2015?

• For those that missed it late this week, the reported flu deaths in North Carolina has risen to 21.

We’re shaken. That’s a staggering number. And yet, for the same period last year, we’re 14 better. The total in 2012-13 was 59.

We can’t stress enough to follow the suggestions and guidelines for staying healthy during the cold and flu season. And we should be respectful of others when we are under the weather.

Infections which are not fully healed can be lethal. When sick, seek treatment.

Let’s keep the Tri-County the healthy home we all love.