Editorial: Industries that are ripe for us to join

Jan. 06, 2014 @ 11:29 PM

There’s a market out there for the Tri-County to seize upon.

While we’ve been trying to lure tenants to Triangle North, or hoping for downtown revitalization, one idea whizzed right past us. Our ethical standards say it wasn’t a good idea, but still, it has led to another.

The city that plopped into the first idea experienced widespread turmoil, even impositions of martial law. There was fighting and poverty before Dhaka got up and going.

Dhaka, as in Bangladesh. True, the 15 million people are a wee bit more than Henderson’s 15,000. But recently, Dhaka was showing on Facebook as the most popular city for many, including Facebook’s own security page, Google’s Facebook page and even soccer star Leo Messi.

Dhaka is home to click farms, the places where social media ethics and financial gain of companies and other entities clash.

Think the reputable wouldn’t do it? In 2013, the U.S. State Department was most popular in Cairo with 400,000 “likes.” The charge for our tax dollars was about $630,000.

Don’t ask us to explain why the state department needs to go from 10,000 fans to 2.5 million. We can’t.

But we can assure that with the fakes — and really, it was inevitable wasn’t it? — there are now solid requests for auditing. For every Indonesian man offering 1,000 Twitter followers for $10 and 1 million for $600, there are legitimate businesses who want to do business with customers on the up and up.

Sort of like Your Favorite Good Morning Newspaper.

The smart among the reputable businessmen in Henderson reading this are saying universally, that’s bad business. Advertisers won’t continue doing business with such shenanigans.

We would agree. And we would kindly point out, it is happening. Who knows with whom?

And that’s where the opportunity comes in for the Tri-County. Auditors. Nice office building with amenities in Triangle North, started with assistance of incentive sweeteners, newer residents for our real estate market here in the Tri-County — yes, this industry could be us.

Or, maybe it is another industry.

But the idea stays simple. Global trends, outside the box thinking and finding our place. Let’s go get it.