Editorial: True heroes appreciated in Tri-County

Jan. 03, 2014 @ 11:16 PM

Last weekend, The Dispatch published its annual tribute to some heroes of our area. In this case, it is targeting the people who man our first responder units, the rescue, fire and law enforcement agencies.

We also included the emergency management personnel, the people we first speak with when calling 911.

While we’re not surprised and didn’t need the reminder, we saw first-hand on Tuesday just how important and dedicated these people are to their profession. A double homicide in a neighboring county led to a suspect chase and eventually a confrontation with law enforcement. It ended with a fatality.

To all of our local heroes, we offer sincere thanks for coming to our rescue, protecting us and trying to help us in all kinds of situations.

• These are exciting times for youngsters at Henderson Collegiate.

Not only is each grade the first for all time, but very soon the students will begin to see the bricks and mortar come together to form their new schoolhouse. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh paint, soft new carpet or the crisp feel that a new building will bring.

The best part, however, are the new faces of students and staff that will occupy such a place.

New beginnings don’t just happen. People come together to make them happen, including students, parents, school administrators and teachers, and a lot of supporters in and around Henderson.

We wish them well in their building endeavor.

• We have found one candidate for the midterm elections we’re going to have trouble taking seriously.

David Waddell is resigning his position with the Indian Trail town council so he can mount a write-in candidacy against U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan. Waddell will be representing the Constitution Party.

All of that is fine. What we’re troubled by is his resignation letter from the council. In that, he used the Klingon language.

That would be the same warrior race language from the “Star Trek” television shows and movies.

We’re pretty sure most people would agree, regardless of their thoughts on Hagan, there are enough jokes already working in Washington. No need to send up another one.