Editorial: Timekeeper of memories turns page

Dec. 30, 2013 @ 11:55 PM

Our pages keep turning.

With the next stroke of midnight, we’ll enter 2014 and set sail for the highest of highs and leave behind our lowest of lows from 2013. That’s generally the mindset when it comes to New Year’s Day.

We like to grab our good luck. In these parts, that probably means black-eyed peas, collards or some of both.

We like to set new goals, and we call them resolutions. We embrace the feel-good warmth, and we see old ways as nothing more than the cold, dark habits of our past.

That’s a good thing, too. Who among us doesn’t need a freshening every once in a while?

But after the clock strikes tonight, we’ll hear the familiar chords. Auld Lang Syne will play, the Guy Lombardo version in New York City, and sweethearts will exchange a kiss, glasses will rise for a toast and for a brief moment the worries and cares of our world will be secondary.

New year equates to new life. It may not be, but that doesn’t stop us.

As we sing a chorus or hum a bar or two, we believe the words are worth consideration. The question is rhetorical, whether we should forget old times, and the implication is to yes, remember long-standing friendships.

We dare say that 2013 itself is worth remembering, for both the good and the bad that define each year we live on this earth. We should embrace that which made us stronger and gave us definition.

For each of us, there were moments that created smiles and laughter, and those should be remembered. For the times when we cried, we have carved new places in our heart. And our hearts should always be open for more.

And there were times when we paused to think, to take it all in, and to decipher all that was around us influencing our moves. Each of us took steps this calendar year, and we’ll add more today, Wednesday and well beyond with much less celebration and fanfare.

It is the journey of life, marked by a timekeeper of infinity. With our year coming to completion this day, we look forward to all that is offered in each of our tomorrows.