Letter: Save the college classes

Dec. 28, 2013 @ 10:51 PM

To the editor:

I am asking our area community that is serviced by the Vance-Granville Community College to support the Personal Enrichment programs.

Over the years the college has offered many core classes in Continuing Education. Presently we have Painting (Art), Dollmaking and Quilting. These classes are offered on various days with morning and evening hours. All of the classes are taught by knowledgeable, experienced teachers who are members of our community.

In the recent years the economic environment has reduced the enrollment numbers to dangerously low levels. The end result is many or all of the classes will be cancelled and may never be offered again. Only our community will suffer if this happens. Every class offers so much personal enrichment for each and every one of us. The benefits are different for every individual, depending on your personal needs and goals.

I started taking art classes in 1990. I always wanted to learn to paint pictures. Over time my life goals changed, thus changing what I painted. For three hours every week I can travel to fantasyland. I can be free of all the cares and worries at home, cancer, doctors and tests, and create a new work of art. There is no pressure, just support and encouragement from my instructor and classmates.

Our tax dollars keep the college open. Why not support the community programs the college offers? Treat yourself to the programs that our unique instructors teach.

If you keep putting off going or waiting for the next semester, one day it may be too late. The programs might be gone forever.

Enrollment needs to be completed by Jan. 7. Classes start the week of Jan. 13. Call (252) 738-3427 or log on to the website at vgcc.edu/ped.

Cynthia Graham