Editorial: Good words to share closing 2013

Dec. 27, 2013 @ 11:01 PM

Santa’s bag for Vance County can definitely be rated as mixed.

We’re thrilled with the news from the Department of Social Services. There, more than 300 families and senior citizens were recipients of clothing, personal care items, toys and food during the holidays.

Among the volunteers, the DSS gave special recognition to Henderson Collegiate. The charter school in the heart of the city continues to make an impression on us by teaching students character.

Less thrilling was news of little to no assistance for the impoverished seeking a hot meal on Christmas Day. There are a number of great organizations in our community, a couple hundred churches, scores of civic clubs, and yet we had no place providing meals for the needy on the day we celebrate Christ’s birth.

We offer a Christmas wish that such an occurrence will not happen again.

• One of the things we are likely to hear between now and Tuesday is how to make tax-deductible donations that count toward taxes we’ll file in the coming months.

Non-profits are happy to receive the help at all times. But in sort of a natural way things happen, the help does seem to increase at the end of the year.

Reasons vary. For some, there is the genuine oversight. For others, there is oversight to be sure there is enough for the organization. We’ve seen more than one non-profit which always seemed to get enough to meet the budget at the end of the year.

Whatever the case may be, we hope everyone will consider their good fortune and blessings from 2013 and look to share them with others in 2014.

• And finally this week, we offer a salute to all of those people who have helped make your newspaper.

While we’re appreciative of our colleagues in and outside of the building who actually run a press or a route or design a page, our intent is to send gratitude also to the many, many people who contribute. We have a number of people providing information for community news, special occasions, churches and a host of other entities.

It is the essence of what makes your community newspaper. Keep ’em coming!