Letter: DSS problems

Feb. 08, 2014 @ 11:46 PM

To the editor:

I am writing you because my family was wronged by the Vance County Department of Social Services and law enforcement.

I am a parent that has done everything child protective services asked of me but when I go into the courtroom, it is always a different story. Many parents that have cases like this are not heard. It is always what DSS, the district attorneys and Guardian at Litem says. The parents are not heard.

A charge that was brought against me was dismissed. This charge is what got CPS involved even further. Parents are made to do things like have themselves voluntarily committed. I was one of those people. The paper work that was done was inaccurate, saying that I pleaded guilty and I did not.

That’s just an example of what I have been through.

The Justice for All coalition has given me and a few others hope. Everything reported in the one case by The Dispatch (“Family says hearings are late, documents have inaccuracies,” Jan. 10), and everything said by Justice for All is true. There is a lot more to my story and wish that I could have it all printed. The department has people within that are personally involved with the families’ cases and information that is private is being told to others that should not be involved. My seven-day hearing was not in seven days. It was continued over three times. But the reason for this is to get other parents involved.

I have faith and know that help is on the way. Thanks to the Department of Justice and to Justice for All. We as parents need to take a stand. Our children are our hearts and I am praying that this gets resolved. Everyone should get involved.

Sharon Marrow