Editorial: We’re bracing for additional campaigning

Jan. 27, 2014 @ 11:41 PM

President Barack Obama steps before us tonight and we’re prepared to hear another campaign-style speech.

While he’s done running, it is his prevailing style. He is to be commended for having much he wants to accomplish. He also had a lot on last year’s plate.

His 2013 might be considered successful just for the Affordable Care Act’s rollout. Although, “staggered out” might be more accurate and many argue it is the biggest reason his 2013 was unsuccessful.

We’ll hear about immigration again tonight. Probably in 2015, too. Closing the gap in classes is another rallying point.

Obama’s speech a year ago was centered around jobs and the economy. Analysts are fractured on what is happening. The economy may not be recovering, but it doesn’t seem to be getting worse. There’s an “at least” mentality.

Employment and housing numbers have improved. Yet, scores of people are not being counted in the job search statistics, or are underemployed. More people have been able to sell their homes, but the market is still full of options.

Obama’s approval rating has sunk from 57 percent to 42 percent.

Midterms are coming, and even Democrats are deciding if they want him to help. Count Greensboro’s Sen. Kay Hagan among them. So far, it doesn’t sound like she wants his “help.”

Worth noting — this address isn’t what it once was and there’s several reasons. Among them is the fact most people already know what he plans to say. Our instant information age has changed our news appetite and timing. We get it quickly, and we get it from different places.

The 2013 television ratings being the second-lowest in 20 years is probably an evolving trend. Still, more than 30 million can hear it first-hand. Of course that will be sandwiched before and after with the filters, an option for round-the-clock talking heads from political sides preferred.

As President Bush closed his second term, Obama was critical of his use of power. Yet, we’re braced after the president got a tutorial and said all he needs is a pen and a phone to make things happen without Congress.

We’re anxious to hear our president and his plans. And we’re hopeful for what he can accomplish to make our country better. We need him to be successful.