Letter: Impact on Henderson

Jan. 25, 2014 @ 10:58 PM

To the editor:

Dr. Donald A. Perkinson started Blessed Hope Baptist Church 30 years ago. For 30 years, Pastor Donnie has preached God’s word faithfully.

I know our church has made a big impact in Henderson. I have seen a lot of people come to our church and a lot of them gave their hearts to Christ. Some people form other churches brought their friends and family to our church to listen to Donnie preach hoping that they would give their hearts to Christ. Some preachers in our community have called Pastor Donnie their pastor. If you want to hear God’s word and worship Jesus Christ come join us at Blessed Hope. Everyone is welcome.

I have been a member since I was 15 years old and am now 43. Pastor Donnie led me to Christ when I was 15. He has mentored me and discipled me for all these years. I love Jesus, my church and my church family.

Shawn Pegram