Letter: Senate’s wrong direction

Jun. 07, 2014 @ 10:57 PM

To the editor:

Over the last 16 months, family physicians and the entire medical community have worked closely with Gov. McCrory, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the legislatively-mandated Medicaid Reform Advisory Group to develop an achievable, well-reasoned Medicaid reform plan.

The plan was designed to work for patients, physicians and our state’s taxpayers.

Despite all of this work, the N.C. Senate has chosen to move in an entirely different direction toward an outdated, managed care model that could destabilize our health system — especially for our most vulnerable patients: the elderly, blind and disabled.

Family physicians think there’s a better way — a way developed through months of consensus-building and collaborative input between the medical community and the state. The plan is patient-centered, quality focused and will lower costs.

We hope the final state budget reflects this common-sense approach to Medicaid reform — a plan that aims to build on what’s working, improve those things that are not, and is healthy for all: patients, providers and our state’s taxpayers.

William A. Dennis, MD