Editorial: Good work deserves good word

May. 30, 2014 @ 08:26 PM

Henderson’s winners have long been many. Every so often, a few get a little something extra because they help others. It is the win-win scenario we so enjoy.

The Women’s Economic Equity Council is among them. And as a result, so is the annual Success Becomes Her luncheon and with it a pair of significant awards.

Latonia Oakley is this year’s Woman of the Year. She told Thursday’s group that unable to have children, she fulfilled a void by starting a nonprofit helping girls ages 13 to 18 years old. Un-Rappin’ The Gift assists positive strategies for self-perception and self-esteem among the young ladies.

Kanika Turrentine founded Infinite Possibilities, and she was honored with the Power of One award. Single-parent mothers are the focus of her organization.

They are all just a part of Henderson and Vance County supporting by giving back. Congratulations are earned for well-deserved awards.

• The Dispatch said farewell to a contributing columnist this week.

Rick Russell, whose loyal following enjoyed his work every third Sunday, sent a letter acknowledging the end of his writing for the newspaper. He plans to pursue and build on new goals.

Russell’s interviews of subjects from all walks of life, some in Vance County and others well known from outside its borders, sought to share a bit of life history, credits to life influences and a familiar closing line on how they wished to be remembered.

We will remember Rick’s contributions as a valued part of our newspaper. Our best wishes to him in all of his future endeavors.

• We acknowledge and hope for success in the pro-active steps being taken by the Henderson Police Department to thwart business break-ins.

The danger of criminals is enough. But the annoyance and aggravations they cause for even the most minor of incidents is unwelcomed.

If Vance County’s judicial system and the state’s laws can’t combine to be enough of a deterrent for the peskiest of them, we’re looking for more answers. Chief Marcus Barrow and his staff are giving something a try. And if it is successful, we’ll all profit.

We can help by remembering to call in when we see suspicious activity. Better to give law enforcement a chance than to realize later something just wasn’t right.