Editorial: Recruitment encouraged for the thirsty

Aug. 09, 2013 @ 06:13 PM

News from the county commissioners this week was encouraging for those who signed up in the water project.

And for many, there is still time. Apparently, there’s a need to recruit neighbors, too. Many didn’t do that and, instead of tapping in, they’ll be left out.

The first phase of the project, mostly on the eastern side of Vance County, is nearing completion. Testing and some final measures are needed before an estimated Oct. 1 “water is on” date.

Nearly 900 households have taken advantage in phase 1A. Construction bids for 2A and 2B begin right after Labor Day.

• National Night Out in downtown Henderson drew about the same number as last year, not far from 1,000.

The event was gifted a night away from rain, though plenty of children enjoyed the fountain of water hitting the pavement from the Henderson Fire Department engine on scene. Wildlife officers had a snazzy boat in tow, hundreds of T-shirts and hot dogs were given out, and information was available on a number of area agencies.

The first event was 30 years ago, with about 2.5 million Americans in 400 communities across 23 states. The total now hits about 37 million, is conducted in all 50 states plus U.S. territories and Canadian cities, and involves roughly 15,000 communities.

To the agencies that took part, and the organizers who provided another fine outing here in Vance County, we offer, “Job well done.”

• Last week’s tragedy out of Fayetteville was a reminder to us all that no guarantees exist in life.

At Seventy-First High a week ago today, a player who had completed the required physical went up to a coach near the end of practice. He didn’t feel well and was beginning to have trouble breathing. He collapsed and later died at a hospital.

Whether it is an athlete in high school, or any of us in our day to day activities, guarantees are not given. We offer prayers today for the family of the player, Evan Raines, and his community.

And remind all to rejoice and make the most of each day we are given.