Letter: Publisher’s choice questioned

May. 24, 2014 @ 11:19 PM

To the editor:

As I get a bit older I recognize more and more the importance of acknowledging the good work, contributions and life of people past and present. And, as you get a bit older you pay more attention to the obituary section of the newspaper. Age alone suggests that increasingly we may know more and more of the people whose names appear in this section.

It is for this reason I want to make a special plea and appeal to the leadership of The Daily Dispatch. We know that the obituary section is provided as a public service, and given the demographics of our Vance and surrounding county population, I appeal to the paper to allow some reference to the name of relatives. Presently, the paper’s policy is that any reference to relatives requires a charge. Perhaps that is a revenue strategy for the newspaper, but not a good public service strategy.

So, I appeal to the newspaper to reconsider its policy with regard to also allowing some reference to the name(s) of relatives without charge. Perhaps the paper can balance this policy with some further limiting of the number of words allowed requiring payment. Such a reference would be a public service and allow more of the public to acknowledge and support families during such times.

Lastly, let me acknowledge the openness of the publisher, Alan Wooten, to simply hear my appeal and agree to give it some thought.

Andrea L. Harris