Editorial: Precious 15 worth savoring

May. 22, 2014 @ 11:40 PM

Safe practices in all walks of life are encouraged this weekend as we celebrate Memorial Day.

It is the traditional kickoff of summer. Including this one, we have 15 weekends stretching through Labor Day with plenty of family, friends and frolicking.

Families will reunite, children will be out of school and all about in neighborhoods, and many families will travel the roads. The recent news that gas prices have finally started to turn in a direction we like was welcome.

Activities will be varied, and the chance for the unexpected looms through use of fire on grills and at camp outs, through recreation on the water and the myriad outdoor activities.

Be careful, have emergency numbers ready should you need them, and keep in mind that patience can be your best friend as we try to make the most of these precious 15.

We’re encouraged that work has begun in the Dan River by Duke Energy to remove the dangerous elements associated with the Feb. 2 coal ash spill in Eden. The Dan flows into Kerr Lake, and while we’re nowhere remotely close to being out of the woods yet in terms of environmental damage, it is wonderful news when reports indicate the lake has not been significantly damaged.

Campers are coming this weekend. Unfortunately, high water has put some sites out of use. Still, it is a kind of good problem to have given the recent concerns, particularly from disheartened business owners.

This unofficial start to summer is also a reminder to us that children will soon be, if not already for some schools, out and about. They’ll be darting around, be it on bikes or foot, and we’ll need to be more careful not only on city streets but also on our country roads.

We encourage parents to be engaged with their children this summer, not simply shipping them out the door during the day. There are camps and activities throughout the Tri-County. There are places to learn, places to relax and ways to enjoy recreation.

And there are also places where nothing more than trouble is waiting to happen.

What’s going to happen over the next 15 weeks? Make it something special. Take advantage. Leaves will be changing before we know it.