Editorial: Standards of leaders pitiful

Dec. 08, 2012 @ 03:59 PM

As Vance County moves toward the end of the calendar year, one new year is already at hand.

County commissioners and the school board, following Monday’s meeting, will be operating with the newest elected members. Their challenges are great, they’ve accepted responsibility, and we hope they have the best years ever known.

What we hope for more than anything is leadership.

The acts of the past week on the federal and state levels have been pitiful.

Inside the Beltway, posturing by both Republicans and Democrats has moved the issue on automatic tax increases and spending cuts exactly nowhere. And President Obama has been as active as his first debate in October.

Republicans complain the president is issuing a “my way or the highway” approach, with days of no response from a recent proposal.

Democrats, who are attempting to take the checks and balances from the government’s borrowing cap by giving sole authority to the White House, complain the GOP is holding “hostage the relief for the middle class.”

If leadership for us were as strong as party loyalty, the issue would be in the rearview mirror.

In Raleigh, Gov. Bev Perdue was spineless. She emphatically turned her back on one of her best moves in office, playing politics with the highest courts in our state with a Republican about to take over the governor’s mansion in January.

Perdue issued an executive order in June 2011 setting up an 18-member independent nominating commission. The commission would send three names to the governor, who had to pick one of them. The idea was in step with non-partisan elections for judges.

The leader who told us “There is no place for politics when it comes to choosing the state’s most honored and influential legal servants” then went out and said she would make the choice to the seven-member Supreme Court when Justice Patricia Timmons-Goodson retires a week from Monday.

Had Democratic Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton defeated Pat McCrory in the gubernatorial race, who with a straight face can say Perdue would have done the same?

Take note, commissioners and school board members. Those locally elected inherently have more trust and approval.

But regardless of party, the duty is to lead and show by example. Set your standards higher than our leaders in Washington and Raleigh.