Passing intellectual challenges

Feb. 15, 2014 @ 11:50 PM

We’ll say one thing for our governor. There are not many situations he doesn’t mind stepping out and putting delivering his unique spin.

The latest came this week that after he got good-naturedly jabbed on a counterpunch while in Henderson. As a winter storm approached the Old North State, McCrory’s press conference of warning back in Raleigh included this gem: “Don’t put on your stupid hat.”

While speaking or acting freely can cause a politician’s foot in mouth disease from which he’ll never overcome, we think there’s a couple of positives from which we all can learn.

The obvious is there’s a time and place for everything, and freewheeling does have consequences. We don’t endorse carte blanche. To wit, McCrory will always have a tough time swallowing that plate of cookies from last summer.

But the mind is a reservoir we can choose to unleash and go with, or it can be a place as closed and hollowed as the coldest and darkest cave. We have been created with intellectual abilities that are beyond even the most brilliant of our imaginations.

And we are uniquely human; translated, we can step in a mud hole and foul up who knows what quickly.

Sometimes, we turn loose a bit and see what happens. Always, we must be prepared to deal with the consequences.

There is a growing sense within us from childhood, the earliest days, to live and to conquer. And for each of us, time marches along, and we grow at a pace with which we are comfortable. The boundaries are occasionally pushed, growth happens, and we also learn from mistakes and realize new boundaries.

When the weather turns frightful, our experience or lack thereof adjusts what happens to us next. McCrory’s warning was with a sense of humor and truth, cutting to the chase.

Still, many among us chose to see if we could, perhaps like a 2-year-old climbing onto a high couch, make it just a bit farther. We tested, and many were unharmed and others had cold walks or waits in the snow.

Our hope for all our friends and neighbors is a safe passing of this latest brush with Mother Nature, and we hope a good score in this area of our intellectual testing.