Letter: Gratitude to the community

Feb. 15, 2014 @ 11:03 PM

To the editor:

This past Monday I was honored by this community and the Chamber of Commerce with the “Citizen of the Year” award. What a total surprise to me! And what a humbling experience to be among the long list of honorees from the past. What a particular privilege it was to have this award presented to me by last year’s recipient, Dr. Bev Tucker, a man of strength in difficult times and one of hope, encouragement and grace under pressure.

After receiving the award, I spoke a few words extemporaneously. I wish I had remembered to say the following I heard on a public radio program: “Don’t wait to do something good while hoping to do something great.” Such I believe is the basis of volunteerism and the philosophy of all the recipients of the honor given by the chamber.

Again, thanks to you among whom my wife and I have lived and worked for 40 years. We count that a blessing.

Marion D. Lark