Editorial: Deserving gentleman is honored

Feb. 14, 2014 @ 11:12 PM

Don’t spit into the wind, don’t tug on Superman’s cape and for goodness sake, don’t try and one-line a veteran Baptist preacher.

All was good and fun for Gov. Pat McCrory and Dr. Marion Lark, who was named the Citizen of the Year by the Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce on Monday night. McCrory likened Lark’s appearance to Dick Van Dyke, and Lark countered with appreciation he wasn’t Gomer Pyle.

The light moment captured the spirit of this year’s winner. Lark has been instrumental in a number of activities in Henderson and the county since arrival in 1973 from Farmville. He is welcome to poke fun at himself, as well as those he cherishes as friends.

But he’s as serious as they come in exhibiting a love of community and a sense of togetherness. He believes in life without barriers and boundaries, and is a most deserving choice.

• This week’s winter storm brought out the good and the bad with many. We’re pleased to share we experienced a lot of the good.

We were grateful for the customers who understood carriers might have had a difficult time getting out of their homes, reaching The Dispatch office, and then delivering the papers to other areas of the community with difficulties. We tried to get there each day and did our best. Unfortunately, not all attempts were successful, even into Friday.

We weren’t alone among other newspapers across the state. Such is the nature of our daily business — we print and we deliver. And we do our best to overcome any obstacles along the way.

• Not as kind, according to the state’s attorney general, were some of the tow truck companies across the state.

The law forbids an increase of prices for goods and essential services during a time of disaster. It is called price gouging, and it is not only unlawful, but downright rude and a bad business practice.

Roy Cooper’s office said it had reports of up to $400 for tows that are normally $100 to $150. Talk about kicking someone when they’re down, that certainly would.

For any scam or concern, Cooper’s office is available toll free at (877) 566-7226 — also known as (877) 5NO-SCAM.