Letter: Truth, Vance County style

Aug. 09, 2014 @ 11:51 PM

To the editor:

At Monday night’s Vance County Commission meeting, bubbles of truth began to surface in that dismal swamp called county water.

Deborah Brown said the initial water agreement was a mistake. She wants customers who are not getting water to pay the original $20 a month instead of $30. Dropping the hidden fee from $30 to $20 is meaningless posturing. In the public meetings, we were never told that there would be a monthly fee if we didn’t purchase water. We were told that 5,000 gallons would cost $35 to $45 a month. Only when we signed water agreements did the monthly fee appear, hidden among weeds of legalese.

Jordan McMillen said that everything is perfectly legal because officials were never specific. Jonathan Care said that all is legal; we just didn’t understand what we were signing and should have read the fine print. Ignorant peasants!

Terry Garrison said the integrity of the commission is at stake. Too late! You mislead us about zoning, you have repeatedly misled us about economic development and now you admit to misleading us about water. Your integrity is no longer in question.

Tommy Hester said that they can’t lower the fee from $30 to $20 because it will cost taxpayers $117,000. I guess he forgot that they are already forcing us to subsidize the disastrous water system to the tune of $189,000 next year.

Had you listened to citizens years ago, this would not be a problem. We did not need or want a water system. Had you told the truth, this would not be a problem. No one would have signed up.

Given your current predicament, there is only one honorable solution. Do away with the fee, charge customers for the water they use, and charge them the full, non-subsidized price.

Rusty McMahon