Editorial: Good work deserves good word

Aug. 08, 2014 @ 11:52 PM

Tuesday’s annual Henderson-Vance Night Out Against Crime was certainly a success, reaching a number of people from various neighborhoods throughout our community.

An event like Night Out is an opportunity for us to be together, to get information and to have discussions on important issues in a gentle setting. Time constraints that cripple dialogue are less demanding.

Night Out has three decades of history and reaches millions around the globe.

Solving crime and obtaining justice isn’t just the work of law enforcement and prosecutors. It requires all of us to have an interest and to participate as necessary.

Our law enforcement agencies work diligently to serve and protect us. The job is not easy, and sympathy is not desired. They know what they signed on for, and they simply want us all working together.

If it doesn’t look or seem right, make a call to law enforcement. Better safe than sorry.

• We hope never to have a scene like Friday at Kerr Lake. But we’re glad to know of the capability of our emergency response teams.

Local, state and federal agencies went through a mock tragedy, handling a passenger airplane crash into the lake. The practice was enhanced as much as possible to give responders the best examination allowable short of reality.

There may not be another mock drill such as this for years or even decades. Friday’s training is sure to be remembered by those in our community who took part.

The combined teamwork of so many shows how fortunate we are in the Tri-County.

• Vance County Schools took a positive step to help its leaders, both teachers and administration, this week with a seminar on teaching impoverished youth.

The smartest and brightest of our children are not defined by their socio-economic backgrounds. But variables like hunger and their prenatal care can impact how they learn. This week’s seminar sessions gave teachers a closer look into strategies they can use as they learn more about the children they teach.

Smarter teachers should help us have smarter children. We’re glad to see our school district taking intentional steps to improve.