Editorial: Opportunity for unique strategies

Aug. 01, 2014 @ 11:25 PM

Several organizations and churches are teaming up to provide back to school assistance to children in the coming weeks. Many are publicly noted.

The tax-free days of years past are now gone in North Carolina, though our neighbors in Virginia still have some measure of them. The holidays didn’t just help students. Many other North Carolinians would take advantage of the opportunity and make purchases of qualifying products.

The process was divided, giving retail a shot in the arm but not the state and county tax coffers.

Many families struggling to make ends meet, understandably more concerned about themselves and providing for their families, just enjoyed the savings.

There’s still time for Vance County or its neighbors to provide a unique approach, perhaps businesses collectively joining forces in a gentleman’s agreement to reduce prices. The community partnership could be stirred and led by members of the chamber of commerce, downtown merchants or an economic development arm.

It would be a chance to show shopping local pays.

• Reminders will begin showing in our pages next week, but plan ahead and mark Tuesday, Aug. 12, on the calendars. That’s the day P.T. Way put out this newspaper 100 years ago.

From 10 a.m. to about 2 p.m., we’ll have some lemonade and a little something to nibble on for those stopping by. The chamber of commerce has coordinated a ribbon cutting at 10.

A special section in that day’s newspaper commemorates the occasion.

• Among the annual rites of fall, before leaves turn and children are back in school, is The Dispatch’s fall sports preview section for the high schools.

Our staff is diligent, working with athletics directors and coaches to schedule picture and interview times. The window is tight between when teams start and when we go to press.

The cooperation is genuinely appreciated.

Recent years’ efforts have been tough, and unfortunately not all teams have been present for our camera. We want each team at each school in the readership area, and recommend parents gently — persuasively — lean on coaches to have their teams in our section.

Including everyone is important. See you at the games!