Editorial: Volunteers are making a difference

Jun. 28, 2013 @ 08:18 PM

Volunteer efforts continue to give our community a boost. Not only are those closely tied to the projects thankful, but we are, too.

For many, appearances are not the most important thing. Day to day living means making tougher choices than aesthetics. But everybody likes a nice place, even a nice final resting place.

The Servants On Site program brought more than a hundred youngsters to Vance County. They went beyond our county, doing magnificent work that helped many.

The continuing project at Rock Bridge Cemetery is also making headway. The work is tedious, basically uncovering about four acres of tombstones and markers.

Several other volunteer groups are in action, but we saw these up close within the past week. To all who are helping our county’s vision, vitality and variety, we offer a humble, “Thanks.”

• Congratulations are extended to two young ladies representing us well recently.

In a run-up event to the 2014 Miss America pageant, Henderson-born and raised BrieAnna Hester was fourth runner-up at the recent Miss North Carolina Scholarship Pageant in Raleigh. Hester assessed her competition with humility, recognizing the opportunities that a crown won on a Saturday night can yield throughout the year.

She captured a first place in a preliminary event for lifestyle and fitness.

Earlier this year, Ashley Love-Mills paid a visit to Vance County Schools, promoting an anti-bullying campaign. She’s the reigning Miss North Carolina and recently competed in the Miss USA 2013 pageant held in Las Vegas. She finished among the 10 finalists.

Both young ladies are excellent role models with meaningful messages worth hearing.

• Summertime means camp time for youngsters. We could never be at all of them, but through the years The Dispatch has brought several stories to our readers.

A tip of the cap this week goes to Alice Clark Stallings, tie-dyed fingers and all. She and a handful of key helpers spent the week with eager youngsters at Rollins Elementary, working a camp put on by the Vance County Arts Council.

The various forms of the arts allow for expression. We’re glad to see the foundation placed in our youngsters’ minds, and their creativity is always an amazing finished product.